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Surrogacy And Your Parental Rights In Ohio

For those considering surrogacy, securing your parental rights and understanding your obligations is of the utmost importance. At the office of Essig & Evans LLP, our lawyers and staff will help define, preserve and protect your parental rights throughout the surrogacy process.

Since 1986, we have been assisting clients with family building needs from our Cincinnati office. As skilled attorneys in Ohio, we represent parents nationwide and internationally.

Understanding Your Parental Rights

Our firm provides clients with experienced and committed representation in surrogacy and other collaborative reproduction matters. We are dedicated to protecting the parental rights of our clients, including:

  • Privacy expectations: Hospitals may ask a parent for a copy of the surrogacy contract. We will contact the hospital regarding issues with contracts and court orders to avoid disclosing this personal information whenever possible.
  • Hospital planning: Depending upon the court of origin (probate or juvenile), hospitals may not yet have the birth order establishing parentage. We will help obtain and supply the necessary court order and facilitate communication between you, the intended parents, and hospital personnel while your child awaits discharge to ensure that you are the decision makers for your child.
  • Communications with the doctor: Communications with your surrogate’s obstetrician during the pregnancy are private unless you have a written release from your surrogate. We can help you draft a contract with your surrogate that includes this release and complies with HIPAA so you can stay informed throughout the process.
  • Background checks: Before entering an agreement with your surrogate, it is essential that you check her financial, criminal, psychological and legal history. We can help you investigate your surrogate’s background so you can make informed decisions.

Learn More About Your Rights

Establishing and enforcing your parental rights during surrogacy can prove to be rather complex. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us online or call us at 866-427-4859 toll free to learn more. We handle surrogacy matters across the country and around the world from our Cincinnati office.