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Surrogacy for International Parents

Surrogacy situations involving foreign parents can present certain legal challenges. Securing birth certificates, apostilles and passports can all complicate matters for clients depending upon the country of origin and its applicable laws. We are experienced working with foreign parents and their home counsel to make sure parents and their children arrive home with the documents needed to establish citizenship.

Birth Certificates And Social Security Numbers

The process for obtaining a valid birth certificate for a baby born to parents living overseas can occur relatively quickly if done correctly. The birth certificate may often be picked up in as little as five business days with special arrangements having been made. Parents may also apply for their child’s Social Security number (SSN), which they may do at the hospital or after returning home.


A child born in the United States is automatically considered a United States citizen and therefore eligible to apply for a U.S. passport. However, parents may instead wish to obtain a passport from their native country for their child. This can require additional steps as each country has its their own set of unique legal restrictions regarding the issuance of dual passports.

At a minimum, the country to which the child is returning may require a birth certificate with apostille as part of its passport application procedure.

According to the Ohio Secretary of State, an apostille “certifies the authenticity of the signature, the capacity in which the person signing the document is serving, and identifies the seal/stamp, which the document bears.”

In essence, an apostille verifies the authenticity of legal documents submitted for review by a foreign nation. We can help you with this process which will provide you with an apostille within just a few days.

Once parents have certified birth certificates, we can help expedite passport arrangements, providing step-by-step instructions on the application process. This expedited process should have your child’s passport in your hands usually three to five business days after submission.


Because many of our clients are international, we regularly conduct video meetings through Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp and a variety of other applications and video conferencing tools. We also work with translators, when needed, to ensure our clients fully understand the process. No matter where in the world you live, we can assist your family!