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Intended Parents

Once you have found a surrogate and are ready to begin the surrogacy process, there is much to be excited about. There are also many things to consider to ensure that your parental rights are secured.

We have represented thousands of hopeful parents worldwide through their family building journey. Our clients include couples of all sexual orientation and single intended parents.

Our work typically begins with the contract phase, where we draft and negotiate a clear and comprehensive Gestational Carrier Agreement on your behalf. Depending on the applicable law, there may also be a second, parentage phase.

In Ohio, a parentage action is required, and we begin work on that phase once there is a viable pregnancy. In Illinois, a parentage action is generally not necessary so long as the Gestational Carrier Agreement meets the state’s statutory and administrative requirements.

In addition, for our international intended parents, we coordinate with your local counsel to make sure you arrive home with the documents you and your child need to establish his or her citizenship in your home country.