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Same-Sex and Single Parents

Surrogacy for Same-Sex and Single Parents

The surrogacy process is not easy for any couple, but there are additional obstacles and challenges facing same-sex couples and single intended parents. I am Cincinnati surrogacy lawyer Ellen Essig, and I understand that every family is different. I represent a wide variety of people interested in the surrogacy process, including gay parents, single parents and other non-traditional families.

Building Families through Surrogacy
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Adoption can be a problem for Intended Parents who are single or in same-sex relationships. For that reason, many people turn to surrogacy. I help many same-sex couples who are interested in building their family through surrogacy. Whether you have found your own surrogate or you are ready to begin your search, you have options.

The ultimate goal with same-sex couples is getting both names on the birth certificate. As co-counsel in the land mark case of Obergefell, married same sex parents are now placed on their child's birth certificate without followup steps. Unmarried same sex parents may face obstacles depending on their state.

I will help you understand the challenges specific to your situation and the options you have available.

Protecting Single Intended Parents

Single men have more options when it comes to gestational surrogacy. A single father can be placed on his child's birth certificate without an adoption. There are fewer options with traditional surrogacy because most state laws do not permit the removal of the birth mother from the birth certificate in a surrogacy proceeding. In most circumstances, I do not recommend traditional surrogacy to the single parent unless you can also file a second parent adoption in your state of residence.

I also represent single women who are interested in finding a surrogate to carry their child. Whether you are a single man or woman, I can help you explore traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy options and other options, including egg, embryo and sperm donation.

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If you are part of a non-traditional family, you face additional challenges as you begin the surrogacy process. Whether you are a single intended parent or a same-sex couple, I will help you through the entire process. Contact me online or call me toll-free at 1-866-427-4859 for more information.