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Helping You Explore Traditional Surrogacy

It is important for intended parents to explore their options before making a choice about which type of surrogacy they would like to pursue. At the law office of Essig & Evans LLP in Cincinnati, Ohio, we help families navigate through the complexities of traditional surrogacy. From protecting your rights and then securing the appropriate birth order to place you on your child’s birth certificate, we will help with all your legal concerns.

What Is Traditional Surrogacy?

In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate provides the egg. The sperm can come from either the intended father or another donor. The main advantage of traditional surrogacy is that the medical procedures involved are much simpler and, therefore, less expensive. Surrogates may choose home insemination or a physician-assisted insemination depending on the requirements of the applicable state law. The alternative to this process is a gestational surrogacy.

Our lawyers will help you with every aspect of your traditional surrogacy plan, including research into the social and medical background of your surrogate. If you will be parenting a child who is going to be the genetic child of the surrogate, you will need to fully understand your child’s roadmap. There are certain costs typically involved in traditional surrogacy. You will want to budget for the cost of the medical procedures, payment to the surrogate, maternity care, the drafting and negotiation of the contract, and securing the appropriate birth order.