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Health Insurance Issues During Surrogacy

Couples involved in the surrogacy process are heavily reliant upon their surrogate’s insurance to cover the maternity expenses. The absence or loss of medical insurance in this situation can prove to be absolutely devastating.

It is extremely important to read your surrogate’s entire health insurance policy to verify that there are no exclusions that prevent coverage for gestational surrogacy. Even if there are no such provisions, it would still be wise before you proceed to obtain written confirmation from the insurance provider that maternity expenses related to a surrogacy birth are covered.

Yes, You Have Options

Whether your surrogate is in danger of losing her health insurance benefits or already has, it is important for you to know there may be coverage available through COBRA or other conversion coverage. Even when no insurance is available, you still have options which should be considered.

Medicaid And Surrogacy

If a woman is receiving Medicaid benefits, she may not be a good candidate for surrogacy. Medicaid places a strict limit on how much one may earn and still retain eligibility for benefits. Payments under surrogacy contracts may put your surrogate over this limit. This is one of the many issues that a surrogate and the intended parents must carefully consider.

Surrogacy Contracts And Health Insurance

One of the most important components of any surrogacy contract is health insurance. As your lawyers, part of our responsibility is to make sure you fully understand the details and implications of your contract.