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Intended Parents

Protecting the Rights of Intended Parents

Once you have found a surrogate and are ready to begin the surrogacy process, there is much to be excited about. There are also many things to consider to ensure that your parental rights are secured. I am Ellen Essig, Attorney and Counselor, and from my law office in Cincinnati, I help Intended Parents protect their rights to their children born through surrogacy no matter where you live and no matter where your child will be born.

Building Families through Surrogacy
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Unexplained infertility, age or health issues may leave couples looking for other ways to become parents. Surrogacy is an excellent way for couples to realize the dream of parenthood. With decades of experience in family law, I have represented thousands of clients looking for ways to become parents.

Whatever has lead to your choice, whether it be health or personal choices, you need answers to your questions and you want to make sure your rights are protected. You will want to find a surrogate whose goals and needs match yours. Many of my clients can find willing surrogates within their circle of friends and family. Others find them online, through a facilitator or other "agency."

Every Intended Parent starting the surrogacy process has many questions. During the entire process I will help ease your fears and provide real solutions in your contract.

Protecting Your Rights and Fixing Mistakes

Technically anyone can draft a surrogacy contract, but sample contracts on the internet or those drafted by attorneys inexperienced with surrogacy law may very well fail to protect your parental and contractual rights and may not recognize the requirements of the state claiming jurisdiction. If you want to be sure your contract protects you fully, I can help.

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Every Intended Parent likely has questions about the surrogacy process. From my Cincinnati law office, I protect families throughout Ohio, the United States, and internationally as well. Contact me online today or call me toll-free at 1-866-427-4859 for the answers to your questions.