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How to Avoid Surrogacy or Egg Donation Scams

Avoid Surrogacy and Egg Donation Scams

If you are considering surrogacy, you may be concerned about falling victim to a scam. This doesn't happen very often, but surrogacy and egg donation scams do occur. You can protect yourself from scams by seeking advice and counsel from an experienced surrogacy lawyer.

I am Ellen Essig, Attorney and Counselor, and I can help you understand how to avoid surrogacy or egg donation scams. I have been assisting clients with surrogacy and family building needs since 1986. From my Cincinnati office, I represent clients throughout the United States and abroad.

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Ways to Avoid Scams and Fraud

There are several steps you can take to keep yourself safe from surrogacy and egg donation scams such as:

  • Hire an experienced lawyer: A skilled surrogacy lawyer has been through the process before and knows how to look out for the signs that you are being scammed. For instance, if your surrogate does not want to meet with an attorney, this is a red flag.
  • Research your surrogate: Perform a thorough background check of your surrogate, including her credit report as well as her criminal, psychological and medical histories.
  • Get references: Be sure to get references from the surrogate and/or the matching company representing the surrogate. Check the references to learn more about past client experiences and check with other professionals who have worked with the agency in the past.
  • Research the matching company: If your surrogate is represented by a matching company, be sure to investigate the agency itself. Look at the matching company's website and search for information about the company's owner or director. Make sure you understand how the fees will be handled by the company and be sure to have the company explain, in writing, how they handle trust and escrow accounts.

Contact an Ohio Surrogate Lawyer to Avoid Fraudulent Matching Companies

As a Fellow of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys and the American Academy of Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorneys, I am knowledgeable and experienced at handling surrogacy and egg donation issues. I can help you understand how to avoid surrogacy and egg donation scams. Please contact me online or call me at 1-866-427-4859 toll free to learn more about fraudulent egg donors and surrogates.