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Lawyer Handling Adoptions in Ohio and Interstate Adoptions

If you are going to be part of the traditional surrogacy process (whereby a woman carries your child created with her egg), your spouse or partner may have to plan for the adoption of that baby upon birth. I am Ellen Essig, Attorney and Counselor, and from my Cincinnati law office, I handle adoptions for people involved in traditional surrogacy as well as those pursuing non-surrogacy based adoptions. As an adoption attorney, I have been helping clients through the entire adoption process for more than two decades.

Building Families through Surrogacy
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Interstate adoptions present clients with challenges. In adoptions which do not arise in the context of a surrogacy birth, in order for a child to leave one state and come to Ohio or vice versa, the Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children, or ICPC, must approve the placement except in limited circumstances.

Compliance with the ICPC can be complicated, and you need an advocate who understands the challenges ahead and the options available to you. You will need the approval of the ICPC whether you are the adopting parent or the placing parent. I skillfully represent either party in these adoption cases.


Whether you are pursuing an interstate adoption or an adoption right here in Ohio, you need to make sure that your rights are protected. I can help you through the adoption process. Contact me online or call me toll-free at 1-866-427-4859.